Archival Aids

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Archival Aids are a range of products developed in conjunction with leading libraries and museums throughout Europe to enable the written word past and present to be conserved. Without such products and the commitment and dedication of governments and individuals our rich history and heritage would be lost to future generations forever. Historic documents that have been protected against oxidisation would include the Magna Carta and the Tyndale Bible.

The Magna Carta and the Tyndale Bible for example will have been treated with a Deacidification solution which stabilises parchment/paper by neutralising acidity and leaving a buffer protection against future attack, thus preventing embrittlement and yellowing.

The Archival range of products are manufactured from high archival standard quality materials for the treatment, repair and preservation of all types of paper, manuscripts, books, documents, maps, photographs, leather and metals etc. As well as restoration and preservation materials, the Archival Aids range includes mobile spray units and commercial / industrial laminators.

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